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The Computer Applications & Office Technologies program is the most adaptive to technological changes in the workplace.   Office Administration and Office Technologies programs are designed to provide students with computer competencies, specific technical skills, and the necessary tools for communicating, problem solving, and decision making.  The program includes courses that are integral to many different fields - most courses include computer applications in order to produce an information and computer-literate college population.

Emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking skills through problem solving, application of basic technological concepts, and awareness of the effects  computers have on society.  Our Degree and Certificate programs include Administrative Assistant, Information Processing, Medical Office Assistant, and Office Assistant - Clerical.

The program is designed to meet the varying needs of a wide spectrum of students, including those seeking:

  bd14790_.gif (273 bytes)  Associate in Arts degree(s)

  bd14790_.gif (273 bytes)  Certificate(s)

  bd14790_.gif (273 bytes) MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) 

              bd14572_.gif (196 bytes)  Core Level

                bd14572_.gif (196 bytes) Expert Level

                bd14572_.gif (196 bytes)  Master Level

  bd14790_.gif (273 bytes)  CMOU (Certified Microsoft Office User)

                bd14572_.gif (196 bytes)  Proficient User

                bd14572_.gif (196 bytes)  Expert User

                bd14572_.gif (196 bytes)  Office Expert

  bd14790_.gif (273 bytes)  Entry into the job market

  bd14790_.gif (273 bytes)   Retraining

  bd14790_.gif (273 bytes)   Lifelong Learning

Administrative Assistant (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j0296945.gif (3775 bytes)

This curriculum provides the development of competencies for two levels of achievement:  Associate Degree and entry/occupational Certificate.  The program prepares the student for numerous office technologies, which would be utilized by administrative assistants.

Information Processing (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j0173955.gif (6150 bytes)

This curriculum provides the development of competencies for two levels of achievement:  Associate degree and entry/level occupational Certificate.  The program emphasizes the major business application software areas including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, telecommunications, desktop publishing, presentations, the Internet, and operating systems.

The MOUS certificate program provides a method for students to prove their proficiency with current Microsoft Office products to employers.  To become MOUS certified at the Core, Expert, or Master Level, candidates must pass a series of rigorous certification exams administered by an independent organization at authorized test centers.  Selected courses in our Information Processing (computer applications) program provide the background and skills to help students prepare to take the certification exams.

Medical Office Assistant (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j01725641.gif (7777 bytes)

This program prepares students for employment in a medical front office, such as a doctor's office, hospital, clinic, and/or medical insurance company.  Occupations include medical secretary, medical transcriber, medical office assistant and medical office manager.  Students may elect the Associate Degree Program or the Certificate Program.

Office Assistant - Clerical (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j0172603.gif (7516 bytes)

This curriculum provides the development of competencies for two levels of achievement:  Associate in Arts Degree and entry/occupational certificate.  The program prepares the student for numerous office technologies.


Professor Paulette Bailey

Computer Applications & Office Technologies

Professor Shoushan Y. Baklayan

Computer Applications & Office Technologies

Professor Maida C. Bessler

Business/Marketing/Supervision/Computer Applications & Office Technologies

Professor Eleanor J. Chu

Computer Applications & Office Technologies/Office Administration

Professor Clifford R. Montour

Accounting/Computer Applications & Office Technologies

Professor Dorothy M. Thornhill

Computer Applications & Office Technologies/Office Administration


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