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The college, through its Business Administration Department, offers occupational training in a variety of business skills leading to entrance level positions or on-the-job promotions.  Many of the courses are transferrable to four-year colleges and may be used to complete the lower division requirements of many colleges and universities.  Students transferring to a four-year college or university should confer with a counselor to determine the specific requirements of the particular institution to which they plan to transfer.

Instruction  in the Business Administration Department is provided in accounting, general business, economics, international business, management, marketing, public relations, real estate, and supervision.

Accounting (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j0223764.gif (10882 bytes)

The curriculum in the Accounting Associate in Arts offers instruction to the student who plans to do practitioner accounting work of a technical nature in either private business or in the various governmental agencies.  Training is provided in financial and managerial accounting theory and in various practical aspects of the accounting field.  Courses required in the Associate Degree program are basic to the study of more advanced accounting and practice for the student who wishes to continue formal education at a four-year institution. 

Courses required for the Accounting Certificate and Accounting Clerk Certificate are designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in specialized occupational areas after 2 to 3 semesters of study.

General Business (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j0300524.gif (5627 bytes)

This Associate or Certificate program is designed to provide broad formal business education and training for those students seeking to meet the needs of their current employer or for students planning to start their own businesses.  Opportunities are available in a wide variety of business including industry, merchandising firms, consulting firms, and governmental agencies.

Governmental Supervision (Certificate Program)ag00461_.gif (7339 bytes)

There are many opportunities in the greater Los Angeles area for employment with the various levels of government.  A certificate in Governmental Supervision is offered by the college to students who complete a total of 30 units in the program.   This certificate is regarded by civic agencies as evidence of significant achievement.

Management/Supervision (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j0234692.gif (8073 bytes)

The Management/Supervision option is designed to comprehensively cover all aspects of management and supervision necessary to succeed in business and industry.  Course work will cover human relations, leadership, oral communications, and written communications specifically related to managerial/supervisory positions.  This curriculum is offered for those students planning to (1) own and operate their own businesses, (2) affiliate with any company in a managerial/supervisory capacity or(3) transfer to a four-year university or college.

Marketing/Public Relations (Associate Degree or Certificate Program)j0172571.gif (17042 bytes)

This option is designed for students who wish to enter the field of marketing or public relations.  It is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to become store managers, department store buyers, or retail/wholesale salespersons.   Concentration will also focus on teaching students to create public and media understanding and support for individuals, organizations, or businesses.  Publicity, sales, and business writing is stressed.

Retail Merchandising (Associate Degree)j0223757.gif (7188 bytes)

This curriculum provides training for those desiring to enter the Retail Merchandising field.  Each student may elect one of the three tracks listed:  Sales, Store Operations, or Personnel.   Upon completion of this program, students are prepared to gain employment as a sales associate/retail clerk in retail operations with the opportunity to move up into mid and upper-level management.

Real Estate (Associate Degree or Certificate Program) j0163012.gif (6078 bytes)

A Real Estate Major is qualified to apply for a Real Estate Endowment Fund Scholarship.  In addition, it better prepares a licensee to be employed in a real estate office.  There are many different types of jobs which are allowed only with a real estate license.

Real Estate 1 (Real Estate Principles) - Complete this one class, and the student will be able to take the California Real Estate Salesperson's Examination.  Students with any major may enroll.  The license is issued for 18 months.

Taking two additional classes before taking the state examination would increase one's chances of passing the examination on the first time.  In addition, one could get a four year license rather than one for 18 months.

Either at the time of the examination, or 18 months after the issuance of a salesperson license, the licensee must complete two additional 3 semester-unit college level courses selected from among the following:  Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Finance, Business Law, Real Estate Practice, Legal Aspects of Real Estate, and Accounting 1.

Small Business Entrepreneurship (Certificate Program)ag00222_.gif (9182 bytes)

The Small Business Entrepreneurship Certificate option is designed to teach the student to understand the problems of organizing and operating a small business and how to analyze one's own personal qualifications for small business management.  Particular emphasis is placed on record keeping for the small business, hiring appropriate personnel, and selling techniques.


Professor Jamil Ahmad


Professor Maida C. Bessler

Business/Marketing/Supervision/Computer Applications & Office Technologies

Professor Raymond L. Gonzalez


Professor Clifford R. Montour

Accounting/Computer Applications & Office Technologies

Professor Richard S. Sherer




Professor Mel Taylor

Real Estate

Professor Karl Gary

Business/Business Law


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