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Diesel Mechanics Career Ladder or Potential Mobility Paths




Foreman , Parts Manager


Lead Man , Parts Supervisor




Entry level skill Diesel Mechanic


Personal Characteristics:

Personal characteristics will aid you in being successful. These abilities may be natural and can be improved by using them.


Above average ability to:

•  To analyze data

•  Use physical coordination


Average ability to:

•  Use eye-hand coordination

•  Use hands to reach and fingers to grasp

•  Use numerical reasoning

•  Learn and understand the principles of equipment repair

•  Use verbal ability to communicate with people in order to determine a mechanical problem


Ability to:

•  Do precise work with tools, instruments, or equipment.

•  See slight differences in objects

•  Visualize objects from pictures and drawings

•  Move often from one task to another using a variety of skills

•  Make decisions based on facts

•  Do precise work according to company standards


An interest in:

•  Mechanical things



•  Mechanical ability



A skill is a goal directed behavior that can be strengthened through practice.


•  Knowledge of engines and parts manuals

•  Ability to detect and replace effective parts

•  Ability to use shop mathematics

•  Ability to make a quick and accurate diagnosis of a problem

•  Ability to use the other tools and equipment of the trade

•  Ability to repair and adjust mechanical and electrical systems


Working Conditions:

Diesel technicians usually work indoors, although they occasionally make repairs to vehicles on the road. Diesel technicians may lift heavy parts and tools, handle greasy and dirty parts, and stand or lie in awkward positions to repair vehicles and equipment. Minor cuts, burns, and bruises are common, although serious accidents can usually be avoided if the shop is kept clean and orderly and safety procedures are followed. Technicians normally work in well-lighted, heated, and ventilated areas; however, some shops are drafty and noisy. Many employers provide lockers and shower facilities.

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Dick Simon


J.B. Hunt


Knight Transport


Con-way Western Express


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority




Rockview Farms

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