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 The College Catalog can be found here. It includes college rules and regulations, as well as the academic standards, and requirements for individuals majors. The Catalog also has detailed descriptions of all the classes offered at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.



Credentials Evaluations


Credentials Evaluation of your transcripts from your home nation will be necessary. Your transcripts will be evaluated to determine the equivalent credit at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. We recommend the International Education Research Foundation for this service.




Transportation to Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is made easy by it's centralized location. Many bus lines, as well as a rail line makes stops within walking distance of LATTC. A list of of bus and rail lines can be found here.


LATTC is also easily accessible via freeway with 2 major freeways located near us. Directions to LATTC from most of Los Angeles metropolitan area can be found here.


Other Information


Other general information for attending LATTC can be found on the Information for Students page.