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College News > News > April 2019 > President’s Weekly Message 4-29-19

President’s Weekly Message 4-29-19

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Posted by Global Administrator


President’s Weekly Message 4-29-19 PDF

Good Monday morning to you, April 29th, 2019—

It has been a whirlwind week and we are looking ahead to a very busy last month of the Spring semester. There is plenty of information we need to pass along so I encourage you to keep reading our messages.

First off, thank you to those of you who attended a couple of campus events this past Saturday. One of the Democratic presidential hopefuls, former Texas congress member Beto O’Rourke visited Los Angeles, and held just one campaign stop and he chose LA Trade Tech, as the location. About a thousand people gathered in the North Quad to hear him speak about several issues including border policies, gun violence, health care and free higher education.

Earlier in the day, the annual statewide Child Development Conference took place sponsored by our campus and its CD club. Plenty of students and community members were on hand to listen to the latest educational trends, collateral materials and classroom strategies. Once again, our faculty and staff showed their leadership in bringing this important event to campus.

Our Design and Media Arts pathway students showed off plenty of their creations at the annual symposium last Friday in the South Tent. The pathway celebrated student work for a day-long event where students from ten high schools joined in with our DMA students on lots of design competitions. The engagement was compelling and exciting, from fifty students at easels surrounding and drawing three live models, to a pair of jeans for each designer that needed to be deconstructed for a separate piece of clothing and then modeled down the runway, to electronic design, sign graphics to an IATSE-sponsored competition and on and on. electronic design and sign graphics. It was an amazing display of inventiveness wherever you looked; a remarkable outreach event.

Our annual Job and Career Expo drew hundreds of students and community friends, as they were given a chance to meet with more than 90 employers in the North Quad. Several of those employers were hiring on the spot and several students were able to land jobs thanks to the work of Dr. Linda Cole and the amazing team from the Career Center. This was the largest number of employers attending in recent history, covering many different industries and many different positions. Thanks also to the Cosmetology and Barbering program for doing some great hair and razor cuts under the big tent. And then the organizers threw a lunch for all of the employer reps over in the cafeteria. A huge thank you to the Culinary Arts staff for your support, for the big day.

One of our annual fundraisers for our Child Development Center is the annual Trike-a-thon. It took place this past Wednesday in the North Quad with the CDC children taking a lap around the grass. The children also took part in face-painting thanks to our Skin Therapy students. Then the battle for the Trike-a-thon championship took place, featuring three teams from our utility linemen program. Sure enough, the CS’s, one of the pole climber teams, ended up capturing the trophy in a very close battle. Thanks to everyone for a great event.

Also on Wednesday, hundreds of you joined in the annual Tools for the Trades Rally in the South Tent. This is where the LATTC Foundation gives out “tools” scholarships to students from more than 20 different programs. There is an excitement in offering a $2000 scholarship to students, in the form of a whole host of tools aimed at helping students in their classes. The tools themselves will be given out at the Tools Dinner on May 29th.

Last Thursday the Performing Arts Club presented a murder mystery for a packed house in TE101. The “who-dun-it” was entertaining and when the audience was asked who they believed committed the crime, there was no consensus. But once the explanation was given, it seemed so obvious. Thanks to our PAC members and advisers Mitchell Horn and Jearold Mock for putting together a compelling performance.

We celebrated the official launch of the solar installations and the electric car-charging stations in the 24th Street Parking Structure last week. Our construction projects now contain a significant amount of green technology and we are actually saving the college energy costs because of our efforts. LATTC solar instructor Adam Colson and transportation instructor Albert Semandini gathered students to show off the use of the structures as part of a “living lab” for students. BOT president Mike Fong along with trustees David Vela, Dr. Gabriel Buelna and Scott Svonkin also attended along with representatives from the Mayor’s Office and the LA Department of Water and Power. Check the links below for coverage.

LATTC Facebook Page

We put together a tremendous week of information and support for our re-entry population as well as celebrating Re-Entry Week. There were presentations, workshops, job hiring and an expungement clinic. The week opened up with a panel of re-entry students talking about the hurdles they have faced in becoming successful at Trade Tech, followed by a day of dialogue with the local legends working in the reentry space in South L.A. Their messages were aimed at faculty, staff and administration when it comes to building strategies in the future. Congratulation to Dr. Marcia Wilson and Carlon Manuel for their efforts behind these powerful gatherings.

If you have some time, come out and support this annual presentation in the South Tent this Thursday. It’s always an entertaining effort. Thanks to those students taking part.

Thank you for voting for your new student government leaders. This is going to be a great team and I look forward to working with them. Also on the ASO ballot, the U-Pass received a 92% yes vote so now it is up to Metro to decide which college (of the eight campuses who voted) that they will choose to be the pilot on all students receiving the U-Pass, at a cost of $3.25/month. If we are selected, the program will roll out for Winter session.

We are a little more than a month away from our 2019 graduation which will take place on June 4th at 6:00pm at USC’s Galen Center. Since the graduation is off campus, there are some different regulations with regard to the location. Please visit the graduation web page which is on the campus website and the link is below. Make sure you understand Galen’s policies. This is a beautiful venue and all guests will have great sight lines for the event. Please sign up to walk and RSVP if you plan to attend.

Graduation Website

We are in the process of changing the identifying names of the buildings on campus as we continue to strengthen our Pathways. You will no longer have to know old “letter” names like the D building, nor the more current “tree” names like Cedar Hall or Cypress Hall. Instead the buildings will be known as the School of the Pathway inside. And the buildings on the campus will be placed on a geographic grid A-G from north to south and 1-7 from west to east, to identify the building room numbers. For example, Aspen Hall, which houses the Liberal Arts Pathway will become the School of LIBERAL ARTS with room numbers inside starting with F5-100. Sequoia Hall will become the School of CONSTRUCTION, Maintenance and Utilities, with room numbers inside starting with E2-100. Instead of Sage Hall, it will be called the School of Culinary Arts with rooms inside starting with B4-100. When we send out the map, it will become clear. This summer, our Sign Graphics students will be painting the names on all the buildings facing outward, and we will have banners on the buildings facing inward. Wayfinding maps throughout campus and on-line will make it clear. The official changeover will be completed by the Fall semester in August. We will be launching a campaign to detail the changes and to prepare you for the new names and alpha-numeric designations. Look for information in my upcoming messages so you can understand the changes, and get used to the new names.

Thanks for taking part in all of the events this past week and supporting so many great clubs and programs on campus. The Mayor is holding his 3rd Annual Small Business Summit in the South Tent today so feel free to peek your head in. And keep up the good work.


Laurence Frank

President, LATTC

College to Career, It’s All Here

L.A. Trade –Technical College

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