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Enhanced English 101 – AB 705

Have you heard about AB 705?

Have you heard about AB 705

In Spring 2019, if you passed English 100 or placed into English 28 you can skip one level and enroll in Enhanced English 101.

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What’s the difference between English 101 and Enhanced English 101?

Enhanced English 101 is a college-level English course that transfers to the UC and CSU school system. Because this course is enhanced, you will also have access to an instructor-led lab (taught by your same instructor) that will support you in mastering the skills necessary to successfully complete the coursework for your class.

If college-level English 101 reading and writing seems intimidating to you, or you have a hard time understanding your course texts, then Enhanced 101 may provide you with the necessary encouragement and support!

If you need help or have questions, please go to Assessment Center located in Student Support Center, D3-01



Which one should I take – English 101 or Enhanced English 101?

Which To Take – English 101 or Enhanced English 101

Based on student needs, LATTC is offering variations of English 101.

What if my high school GPA is 2.7 and above?

For students with a high school GPA 2.7 and above, we recommend enrolling in the standalone English 101.

Most students will be taking English 101.

What if my high school GPA is between 2.0 and 2.6?

Students with a high school GPA between 2.0 and 2.6 can opt to enroll in the Enhanced English 101 course or an English 101 course without a co-requisite course.

Need a refresher course?

Have you been out of school for a while and feel out of practice with reading and writing?

English 100 can serve as a refresher course, or you can opt to take the transfer-level Enhanced 101 class.

What if my high school GPA is below 2.0?

For students with a high school GPA below 2.0,  we recommend English 100 or Enhanced 101.


List of Enhanced 101 Sections for Fall 2019


Mondays and Wednesdays

DMA Pathway

Section #25183, Lecture 1:00pm-2:35pm
Lab Section #25238: 2:45pm-3:50pm
Instructor: Professor Viliesid

ATM Pathway

Section #23988, Lecture: 1:00pm-2:35pm
Lab Section #25351: 2:45pm-3:50pm
Instructor: Professor Sowter

Theme: Higher Education and Issues of Equity

Section #17327, Monday Lecture 6:00-9:10pm
Wednesday Lab Section #25337: 6:00-8:05pm
Instructor: Professor Cruz
Section #17281 Lecture: 3:00pm-4:25pm;
Section #25329 Lab: 4:35pm-5:30pm
Instructor: Professor Mendez

Theme: History of Los Angeles

Section #20155, Hybrid, Lecture: 11:45am-1:15pm
Lab Eng. 72 Section #25341 1:20-2:10pm
1st 8 weeks
3:10 hrs/wk
Instructor: Lisa Moreno

Theme: Implicit Bias

Section #17291, Lecture: 10:10am-11:35am
Lab Eng. 72 section: #25239: 11:45am-12:35pm
Instructor: Professor Doss


Tuesdays and Thursdays

Theme: Social Justice

Section #17281 Lecture: 3:00PM-4:25PM
Section #25329 Lab: 4:35PM-5:25PM
Instructor: Armando Mendez

Theme: Umoja

Section #23579, Hybrid  Lecture: 11:45am-1:00pm
#25505 Wednesday Lab Eng. 72 : 9:10am-10:00am
1st 8 Weeks
Instructor: Professor Blake

Theme: Puente

Section #17302 Hybrid, 10:10am-11:35am. Online 3.10 hrs/wk
#25505 Wednesday Lab Eng. 72: 9:10am-10:00am
16 Weeks
Instructor: Professor Blake



Section #20740, Lecture: 6:00PM-9:10PM
Lab Eng. 72 section: #25352: 6:00PM-8:05PM
Instructor: Professor Sowter


Risk Free Assessment

Still not sure which class to take? Complete this “Risk Free Assessment” and based on your score we can recommend the best class for you.

Choose one of the following essays, then submit the respective form.

Tip: It’s recommended that you complete the reading and draft your response in a text editor, then return to the form (copy/paste from your document) to submit. There is no time limit, but your browser may end your session and not submit your work after more than 30 minutes. This will help to avoid losing your work.

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